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Independent Production Company Specialising in Scripted Comedy.

We Are Passionate About Comedy.

Founded in 2019, Black Cherry Productions is a London based production company specialising in scripted comedy. With experience of taking new projects from the ideation phase to completion, we look to source new comedic talent and work alongside them to produce projects of the highest quality.


Our in-house development team look to create and source unique comedic projects that break boundaries whilst still appealing to multiple demographics.

We meticulously plan the process of production and execute every task that must take place before production begins. This includes script development, story boarding, budgeting, casting, scheduling, location scouting and working with trusted and experienced crew members. 

What We Do


We seek to work with highly talented cast and crew, with a focus on providing opportunities to upcoming and undiscovered talent.


Using first class equipment, we stick closely to production schedules, with a strong emphasis on meeting deadlines whilst not compromising on quality. 


Once wrapped, we outsource to a team dedicated to cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects and colour grading.

With an extensive portfolio of contacts, we then seek the most appropriate home for our projects to elevate them to award winning status. 

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Zach Margolin

Meet the Team

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Michael Hartfield

Our Projects


One In,
One Out

Sh*t Show

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Black Cherry Productions

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